What to Expect

When a child comes in for a haircut…

We pick a streaming show or a dvd to watch and a hairstyle is decided. When the child and caregiver are happy, candy or double bubble gum is handed out — sometimes during the haircut.

1st haircut

The first haircut is bittersweet. With boys most often it’s the 80’s rockstar look we need to bring to a more proportionate place. The front of a child’s hair, from ear to ear, takes the longest to come in. Sometimes its the wig a child is born with that never falls out. With girls it’s the strings of hair in the back we finally realize won’t thicken up. The hair in the front they refuse to pull back. Whatever the case, I will give you my opinion but do what you ask. The first snip of hair I will put in an envelope, nicely labeled for you to take home.

Please note: I have rarely had a child that left without a haircut.